FRAGG’s main target is investing in high-growth companies in West Africa that promote social impact projects. Our goal is to make a strong financial return for our investors while supporting companies that are contributing to a better world.

Who We Are

We are an impact investment management and advisory company specializing in the mobilisation and management of funds targeting investments in the impact and climate domains. We work with financial institutions, impact projects, businesses and other actors in the impact and climate finance domains in the West African region to raise new capital and support business growth.

What We Do

Asset Management

We are a dynamic impact investor and fund manager, working with financial intermediaries and through direct investments in opportunities that align with our values. We target investments with a triple bottom line approach: People, Planet, and Profit.

Capital Raising

We work with financial institutions (microfinance and commercial banks) and other actors within the impact and green domains in the West African region to raise new capital and support business growth. We have a long track record of fund mobilization from local investors and offshore DFIs.

Advisory Services & Structuring

We offer value added strategic advice to our clients by providing Business Development Services, Technical Assistance as well as FX Risk advisory services. By providing targeted and innovative solutions, we ensure that are partners (investors and investees alike) get the best value in the emerging markets where we operate.

As part of its strategy and in pursuit of inclusiveness and equality, FRAGG prioritizes investments in the following:


Investments in women-owned and women-managed pipelines as well as projects that provide support for women in its outreach.

Rural Outreach

Priority to pipelines with a rural outreach of over 40%.


Supporting youths by investing in youth owned/managed projects as well as projects with youth outreach.

Innovative Technology

Investments in projects that make use of innovative technology in its outreach.

Looking to Invest?

FRAGG is constantly developing a strong local/global network and good relationships with investors within the Impact and Climate Finance ecosystem.
FRAGG welcomes collaborations with all classes of investors: Development Finance Institutions, Institutional Investors, well-informed Private Investors, Specialized Investments Funds, etc.

Looking for funding?

FRAGG is constantly looking for strong pipelines and investment opportunities in the Impact and Climate domains, with particular emphasis on Healthcare and related services, the entire Agriculture value chain, Affordable & Sustainable Housing, Inclusive Finance (Microfinance & SMEs), Education, and Climate Finance.


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