Our Team

As a young company incorporated in 2013, FRAGG works with a managerial team of over 100 years combined experience in SME/Impact Fund Management, Fund Mobilisation, and implementation of training for SMEs in Accounting, Financial Management, and Business Development. Our team has high network in the Impact Investment ecosystem covering the investors, local financial institutions, regulatory bodies and project promoters.

  • Over 18 years’ experience in capital raising, deal origination, investment structuring, due diligence and impact assessments in various impact sectors.
  • Extensive experience in development finance, investment consulting, fund mobilization, and business advisory development services to commercial banks, microfinance institutions and SMEs across Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • In-depth knowledge of the impact and climate finance ecosystem in developing countries across Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Has been involved in diverse financial sector and impact development projects with Development Finance Institutions and multilateral agencies.
  • He currently sits on the board of Grooming Microfinance Centre, Nigeria.
  • He co-managed the FRAGG SME 25 million USD Fund, evaluating impact across several applications and closing numerous deals.
  • Has been instrumental in negotiating and closing over 70 capital raising deals for numerous organisations including NGOs, microfinance institutions, and commercial banks, raising hundreds of millions of dollars throughout his career.
  • He holds a Masters in Microfinance from Solvay School of Economics and Management, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, and a Masters in Development Policy and Planning from Bielefeld University, Bielefeld, Germany.
  • More than 23 years’ experience in Fund Management and Investment Advisory
  • Wide-ranging experience managing a regional SME bank in Nigeria for over 10 years
  • Extensive management exposure in Microfinance and Social Investments
  • Proven track record in managing the entire investment lifecycle, from sourcing to closing, in Nigeria
  • Comprehensive experience in the origination, structuring, and financing/refinancing of short, medium, and long-term lending.
  • Has managed a trust fund of over 10 Million USD for a Catholic Church in Nigeria, with investments in the Impact domain – Education and Health.
  • Co-managed the FRAGG SME 25 Million USD Fund and was instrumental in closing multiple deals.
  • A Chartered Accountant and Chartered Banker with International Financing Reporting Standard Certification
  • Holds a Doctorate degree in Economics
  • Over 10 years’ experience in finance administration, business development, investment analysis, and research
  • Profound knowledge of the SME/Microfinance landscape in West Africa
  • Proven track record in due diligence procedure, through providing consultancy and research services in the sector for multiple SMEs
  • Extensive experience in conducting due diligence on SMEs and impact investments
  • Comprehensive experience as an investment analyst in a Private Equity Firm
  • Co-managed the FRAGG SME USD 25 Million Fund
  • A Chartered Banker with a Masters degree in Finance from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Over 20 years’ experience in corporate banking and corporate finance within Deutsche Bank Group with focus on financing solutions for both multinationals and small and medium-sized companies public sector financial participation and support programs.
  • Substantial background in project management acquired through business development projects in renewable energies, including the creation of renewable energy projects, complete with all industrial, financial, regulatory, and fiscal aspects.
  • Proven track record in origination and structuring of equity and debt financing for individual projects, private equity firms, and high-tech start-ups with a focus on energy and energy efficiency projects in Luxembourg, Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Has gained private banking and portfolio management expertise based on several years of domestic and international relationship management activities & business development structuring.
  • More than 12 years of freelance corporate finance advisory with a focus on debt origination services for small and medium-sized companies including overall business development concepts, set up and enhancement of reporting infrastructures, business strategy and organization models, including staff and management coaching.
  • Extensive experience in credit risk management with a background in work-out of failing corporate risks.
  • He holds a Masters in Economics from the University of Lausanne HEC (Hautes Études Commerciales)


  • More than 21 years’ experience in Fund/Grants Management, Civil Society, and Agriculture/Food Security projects predominately in Ghana, and also in other parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, including Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mali, Kenya, and Zimbabwe.
  • Proficient fundraising and consultancy for Solar Energy, Microfinance, NGO, and Social enterprise activities in West Africa, the UK, and Italy.
  • More than 15 years’ Senior Managerial work experience in both for-profit and non-profit organizations in Ghana and Germany.
  • He holds a Doctorate degree in Micro-Insurance, Social Policy in the development context from Bielefeld University, Bielefeld, Germany, and a Masters degree in Development Planning and Management from University of Dortmund, Germany.
  • Over 7 years’ experience in research and project management
  • Deep knowledge of microfinance and impact investment, evaluation and analysis in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Strong expertise in managing investment portfolios through a diversified range of innovative investment solutions
  • Expansive experience conducting due diligence on SMEs.
  • Master in Economics from Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria, and Degree in Law and Economics from University of Bologna, Italy
  • Over 22 years’ experience in the corporate banking sector
  • Sector-specific experience covers Compliance, Risk Management, Treasury, Remittance Services, SME Loan Processing, and Due Diligence.
  • Progressively acquired banking experience ranging from Account Officer to Senior Management Banking Positions
  • Originated and closed over 20 large-scale deals for First Bank of Nigeria.
  • He is  a member of the Chartered Institute of Finance & Control, with a Masters’ Degree in Public Administration.
  • Has accumulated over 12 years’ experience in corporate finance and business advisory with a focus on debt origination and equity finance.
  • Substantial background in corporate banking within SOCIETE GENERALE Group focusing on SMEs before moving to advisory within a Consultancy firm specialized in project finance and advisory services where he acquired extensive experience across West Africa sub-region.
  • In addition to his in-depth understanding of the challenges and development constraints in the sub-region, Guy brings in a rich experience from a leading international institutional donor, the French Development Agency AFD, where he oversaw the Lagos office as Senior Program Manager and added Nigeria to the long list of West African countries he worked in.
  • Proven track record in Business Strategy, Capital Investment, Financial Modelling, Corporate Finance, Public & Private Partnership, and Deal Origination across West Africa, particularly in the Francophone region and parts of Anglophone West Africa.
  • He holds a MBA in Corporate and Market Finance from Paris Graduate School of Management.
  • Experience reporting and analysing investment procedures and due diligence
  • Secretary to the board of an investment management firm
  • Expertise in conducting legal due diligence for SMEs
  • Experience in deal origination and capital raising, actively participating in teams that have raised millions of dollars for clients in both debt and equity.
  • Managing the FRAGG Impact Accelerator Programme, screening applications and assessing eligibility criteria
  • Preparation of transaction related documentation and marketing materials including information memoranda, pitch books, corporate profiles, and market data and analyses
  • Experience working in communications across various sectors including publication, art management, and cultural research & development.
  • A legal practitioner with over 8 years’ post-call experience.
  • Experience in managing investor-investee relations, and proven track record writing and editing text for publications.
  • She has a degree in Law from the University of Benin, Nigeria, and is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association.
  • Over 8 years’ experience as an investment analyst in investment companies, banks, and Private Equity Firms.
  • A certified microfinance practitioner, he has had banking experience in SMEs due diligence & monitoring, treasury & risk management.
  • Extensive knowledge of the Nigerian Microfinance and SME landscape, carrying out due diligence and investment procedures.
  • He has a Degree in Accounting from University of Nigeria, Nsukka
  • Over 10 years’ consulting experience in private entities across health, education, manufacturing, and agriculture.
  • Deep knowledge of the West African Business landscape, skilled in strategy development and financial modelling.
  • Active fund mobilization and capital raising experience
  • Previous experience as an investment analyst in a Private Equity Firm.
  • He is a Member of the Nigerian Institute of Management, and holds a Degree in Economics from University of Ibadan, Nigeria