Asset Management

FRAGG mobilizes investments in multi-sector Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SMEs) to generate empowerment and economic growth while creating valuable and measurable social impact.

We believe that fair economic development contributes to economic inclusion and the improvement of people´s livelihood. With our investments we aim for social, environmental and financial return optimization with the goal to fight poverty and social exclusion.

FRAGG finances and invests in growing and inclusive SMEs that create social and environmental impact but are not able to attract capital for their business at affordable conditions. We provide businesses in West Africa long term risk capital that allows them room to operate at their full potential; these come by way of long term debt facility and equity investments.

As an SME focused fund, FRAGG’s main target is investing in high-growth companies in West Africa, especially those at the expansion. Our goal is to make a strong financial return for our investors while supporting companies that are contributing to a better world.

What we look for?


Our SME pipeline targets must meet with the following characteristics:

  • Need funds in the range of 500,000 USD and 6 Million USD
  • A financially viable business model
  • Clear and transparent ownership structure and a strong management team in place
  • Have a diverse staff with reasonable number of women and youths, with projects that support women and youths in ownership and outreaches
  • Have operating outreaches covering both rural and urban areas.
  • Focused on an organic growth approach

Inclusive Financial Institutions

  • The institutions must have verifiable histories of measurable and scalable positive social impact investment, vision of positive impacts to their pipelines and strong financial sustainability models.
  • Impact portfolio asset size of at least 2 Million USD.
  • A strong governance structure and management team.
  • Comply with all statutory regulatory provisions in the area of operation and have at least 3 years audited financial statements.
Our investments focus on West Africa, particularly Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Benin and Togo.

Inclusive Financial Institutions (Microfinance & SMEs)


Affordable Housing



Climate Finance

Our investments focus primarily on expansion-stage companies. However, we are able to consider investment opportunities in all growth phases of the impact focal companies.

We offer patient capital to high-impact/high-growth companies. However, we also value the commercial returns to investors, as this is key to ensure the long-term sustainability of our initiative. Hence, we balance the interests of the investors with the price to pipeline beneficiaries.