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About FRAGG Investment Management
FRAGG Investment Management Limited is an impact investment management and advisory company specializing in the mobilisation and management of funds targeting investments in the impact and climate domains.

Following the company’s core values, FRAGG uses both equity and debt instruments to target the clients’ financial needs through profitable investment products in a variety of impact sectors, but particularly in:


Inclusive Finance & Related FinTech Services

Including Microfinance/SMEs Banks, Finance Houses, OFIs, Commercial Banks, Payment Solutions, and other Financial Technology Solutions.



Agribusinesses covering the entire agriculture value chain, including but not limited to food production especially small-holder farming, food processing and storage, packaging, distribution (transportation and haulage), and wholesale/retail market (export or domestic).


Healthcare & Related Services

From diagnosis to treatment and core areas of health management and prevention, including but not limited to general and specialised hospitals, primary health care centres, pharmaceuticals, HMOs, and health technology.


Affordable Housing

Housing projects that increase access to practical and viable housing especially for earners on the lower end of the spectrum. Sustainable and energy efficiency housing projects are of particular interest.



Inclusive education models with projects covering low-fee private education in preparatory, primary, secondary, tertiary, and vocational institutions, education technology (EdTech), educational infrastructure and related services.


Climate Finance

Projects covering climate Mitigation, Adaptation and REDD+ (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation). Projects including but not limited to Renewable Energy, Lower Carbon & Efficient Energy Generation, Waste Management & Recycling, Non-Energy GHG Reductions, Sustainable Transportation, Water & Waste Water Systems, and Coastal & Riverine Infrastructure.

– We target investments with a triple bottom line approach –


Achievement of decent return for investors


Realization of decent impact (reduction of inequality and promoting inclusion)


Achievement of measurable environmental impact

– We Value –


Our success is stimulated by the commitment of our team. With a young and experienced local team, FRAGG has deep knowledge of the local market, culture, language, socio-political and regulatory environment in the West African region, while maintaining a strong external affiliation with international stakeholders in the impact ecosystem.


At the Core of FRAGG’s investments, is the pursuit of social and economic inclusion. Our Fund is focused on both debt and equity investments that have a positive social/economic, and environmental impact as well as a competitive financial return.


Though committed to investment in the impact and green domains, FRAGG also values the commercial returns to the investors, hence, we balance the interests of the investors with the price to pipeline beneficiaries.


We measure our success by the transformation our investments make on our client’s lives. As a social investment manager, we are guided by the triple bottom line approach (People, Profit and Planet); this ensures that impact investments not only generate profits but also create social and economic value to our clients, whilst not damaging the environment


FRAGG aims to participate in the overall effort to contribute in promoting environmental sustainability, by investing in projects within core green areas. We actively participate in the green finance ecosystem.

Local Presence

From our base in Nigeria, we are close to the businesses we invest in. FRAGG is deeply familiar with the markets we serve and the challenges they face. We have an understanding of the local trends in monetary policies, hence our FX risk advice is tailored to fully protect our investees.

Global Network

FRAGG also has a high network in the Impact Investment ecosystem, both locally and globally, covering the investors, local financial institutions, regulatory bodies and good pipelines.


We aim to bridge the existing gap of access to inclusive financial services for SMEs, therefore, we offer high flexibility in our investments. We are able to offer investments for expansion-stage companies requiring investments from $500,000 to $6 million. However, we are flexible to consider (subject to conditions) investments outside this range.
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