Technical Assistance

We offer value added strategic advice to our clients by providing Business Development Services, Technical Assistance as well as FX Risk advisory services. By providing targeted and innovative solutions, we ensure that our partners (investors and investees alike) get the best value in the emerging markets where we operate.

Business Development

We offer a range of non-financial services and products to SMEs/Green Projects at various stages of their business needs.

Technical Assistance

We provide specifically tailored technical assistance to support partner institutions and potential investees, in order to solve operational challenges through targeted capacity building.

Foreign Exchange Risk Advisory

At FRAGG, in view of the volatile economies in which we operate, we consider it imperative for our clients to take actions that will limit future risks on their FX transactions, hence, we assist clients in managing their foreign exchange risk by sourcing for suitable hedging companies to hedge their currencies in the course of transactions, and financial institutions that can provide swapping/back-to-back currency arrangements for FX related transactions. Thus, projects can be financed in local currency.


  • Capacity building
  • Business Development Services/Development of Business Plans/Feasibility/Market Research
  • Social Performance Management
  • Risk Management/Internal Control
  • New Product Development and Customer Management
  • Enhancement of Management Capacities
  • Technical Support Programme on Regulatory Frameworks
  • Strengthening of governance structures.
  • Financial and Business Information Development
  • Implementation of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies.
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